ETH Latam 2022: The great experience of building in community

ETH Latam 2022: The great experience of building in community.

Once again we attended a massive event, held in Buenos Aires city, where our team lived three incredible days together with the Ethereum community.

Developers' community

ETH Latam was attended by more than 4,000 people from all over the world and had a full agenda of presentations during the three days of the conference at the Buenos Aires Convention Center.

We had the chance to talk to many industry leaders and listen to the most important person in the Ethereum ecosystem: Vitálik Buterin.

At the same time, we were able to connect with many people who are starting out in the world of blockchain development. They came to our booth to get to know us better and share their projects with us.

We know the great sacrifice involved in starting a project in such a new and experimental context. For this reason, we are very motivated to see the enthusiasm of developers who want to continue building the future of web3.

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Solidity: evolution and best practices

But we not only want to listen to people, we also want to provide them with tools so that they can turn their projects into reality.

In this sense, we had the opportunity to give the workshop Solidity and its evolution: best practices in Development/Testing.

It was in charge of Lucas Marc and Alejo Lovallo, two members of our development team, whom we thank for their willingness and desire to help the community.

The response from attendees was incredible. It started during the presentation, where there were no empty seats and many chose to sit on the floor so they wouldn’t miss it. And continued on social networks with great support and dissemination of the material provided.

We thank all the developers who joined us for their commitment to learn, ask questions and share experiences.

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Important material from Solidity's workshop

We know that there are people who could not attend, so we think it is important to share some links of interest:


  • You can find the examples used in the workshop in this repo.
  • The presentation shown here.
  • Also, there’s a pretty awesome summary done by CryptoDev here.


In the future we would love to be able to share these type of presentations online, so that everyone can attend.

If you would be interested in this initiative, please let us know through our social networks.

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Building in community is the way forward

After all this, we are sure that the best way to build is to do it in community.

We must continue to generate spaces so that each person and company can contribute.

For our part, we will continue to provide the best blockchain solutions for companies that want to be part of web3, but we are also committed to continue attending to these events and help people join the world of development.

Let’s keep building trust one block at a time.

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