How to empower your company and optimize the results of your team

How to empower your company and optimize the results of your team

Success story: Money On Chain

Have you ever wonder how to grow your team in no time to release certain features or upgrades? Sometimes it makes no sense to add more members to your team for a specific project or feature, but you need more working and development capacity.

Think and Dev is a company that offers Blockchain Software solutions for businesses. In the last year, we’ve worked with Money On Chain helping them grow their projects and achieve their goals.

Money On Chain, is a bitcoin collateralized protocol that consists of a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar, a performance token for hodlers, and a leveraging mechanism on bitcoin.

Money On Chain launched its stablecoin platform for the DeFi ecosystem in RSK, a Bitcoin sidechain, at the end of the year 2019 and it has had a steadily growing path since then, not just in the number of users but in volume operated too.


In the case of Money On Chain the problem was distinctive, to increase their development capacity to be able to introduce more features in the protocol and the platform (Web App).

Considering this, Money On Chain represented a challenge to our team because we were going to work with a project that already had a dev team and they had a 100% working product, so we were going to build over existing code.


In this kind of relationship with the client, communication between teams is key to reaching the goals.


The solution proposed was to conform a team dedicated to Money On Chain including a project manager and developers to fit different needs of the project, from front-end to smart contracts.

New Moc Home

We worked on the front-end for the Web App platform to develop the new User Interface (UI). We improved the User Experience (UX) together with their design and marketing teams and optimized the UI making reusable components for the exchange tokens sections of the platform.

We also worked on the Smart Contracts with the new possibility for users to pay protocol fees in MoC tokens (Money On Chain Governance token), new features for Vendors that integrate the protocol into their Apps and sites, and one of the most important characteristics recently released, the Non-Liquidation feature (you can read details in this blog post), which allows the protocol to avoid liquidation in case of a bitcoin flash crash, making the BPro token less risky for its hodlers.

After this successful experience, we continue working with Money On Chain on other modules and characteristics that will be released soon, but shush! You’re not supposed to know that.

If you are a bitcoiner or DeFi lover, Money On Chain gives the possibility to save in a stablecoin collateralized in bitcoin that also you can use in other platforms like RSKSwap, Sovryn, and Tropykus, plus a token for bitcoin hodlers that let you earn sats while hodling, and a leveraging mechanism for those who know how to trade in crypto markets.

We thank Money On Chain founders for trusting us.


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