King of Devs: a grand hackathon for blockchain developers

King of Devs: a grand hackathon for blockchain developers

Organizing a hackathon is not an easy task, but at Think & Dev we are excited to face challenges. That’s why we decided to end 2022 with King of Devs, our first web3 hackathon, which took place in Buenos Aires. During two days, in addition to the competition, we gave workshops and talks to provide tools to the participants. In this article, we tell you all the details of what happened and why you should not miss the next edition.

Why should you participate in a hackathon?

A hackathon is not just another event. It is an ideal space to continue learning and developing as a professional. Here are some of the benefits you can get for your career.

1. Gain web3 experience

Thousands of companies, even those from traditional industries, are developing more innovative and efficient solutions thanks to the implementation of blockchain.

For this reason, the labor supply related to these technologies will increase in the coming years.

It is crucial to keep up to date with emerging trends and technologies.

2. Meeting colleagues and networking

In addition to exchanging tips, ideas and knowledge, it’s a fantastic opportunity to forge valuable professional relationships that can benefit you in the long run.

Want a fun fact? Some King of Devs winning teams were formed during the hackathon!

More than 100 devs signed up for King of devs.

3. Put your ideas into practice

How many project ideas have crossed your mind? How many of those ideas have you put into practice? A hackathon like King of Devs is the perfect place to move from thought into action.

Best of all, you will have the support of mentors who will guide you in the execution of the idea, putting at your disposal their experience as Senior Developers working on multiple blockchain projects.

4. Learning, learning and learning

As you may have already realized, doing a project in a hackathon is an excellent opportunity to learn both in theory and practice.

As if that wasn’t enough, at King of Devs we also include workshops taught by our blockchain developer team.

Exclusive workshops and talks

These are some of the issues we touched upon when talking about best practices in project development:


  • Kickoff: frameworks, languages and tools to use
  • Nodes setup
  • Hardhat plugins
  • Useful Open Zeppelin contracts
  • Tips and optimizations
  • Deployments
  • Testing
  • Re-entrancy


If you want to relive these workshops given by the Think&Dev team, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel.

Cartesi: discovering an innovative technology

We also had the opportunity to learn more about Cartesi, main sponsor of the event.

Cartesi allows developers to build decentralized logic with Linux and standard programming environments, preserving the decentralization and security of blockchains. 

Carlo Fragni, a Senior Software Engineer at Cartesi, was present and offered his help to all the developers who implemented this technology in their projects.

Cartesi workshop.

Hackathon partners

In addition to having Cartesi as a main sponsor, we also have the support of different companies that are building on the blockchain ecosystem: 


  • Block House
  • Defiant
  • Wink
  • Wooy
  • CryptoMate
  • Welook
  • Solow
  • Defy Education
  • Capitán Gin (they don’t build on blockchain, but their Gin is delicious)


We are very grateful to all the brands for supporting us and making the first edition of King of Devs possible.

King of devs, in numbers

These are some of the numbers that the event left us with:


  • More than 190 registrants;
  • More than U$D5,000 in prizes;
  • 4 winning teams: 2 in the Newbies category and 2 in the Big Guys category;
  • 10 companies supported the event;
  • 20 members of our staff were present.


Not bad for our first edition, right?

Our wonderful team.

King of devs: second edition

Now, what’s next? 

After listening to the excellent feedback from participants, sponsors and supporters, we are already working to carry out the second edition of King of Devs in March 2023.

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