Web3 hackathons: 4 reasons to participate in them

Web3 hackathons. Or How to Change the World through Innovation.

In the era of Web3, where decentralization, blockchain, and decentralized applications (DApps) are transforming the way we interact and learn, hackathons have become a powerful tool to inspire entrepreneurial spirit as well as personal and cultural growth within communities.

A hackathon not only fosters innovation and creativity but also promotes the development of real technological solutions that will shape the startups of the future. How does it do that? Let’s explain.


Fostering Collaboration and Networking

Web3 hackathons bring together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts in a collaborative environment. This facilitates connections and the exchange of ideas, skills, and perspectives. Teamwork is crucial here as it leads to the creation of more innovative and comprehensive solutions. This was clearly evident in the King of Devs hackathon series organized by Think&Dev. 

Nahuel Suárez, part of the Bondly team, one of the projects born out of King Of Devs 2.0, comments on his experience: “We are a multidisciplinary team composed of a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a lawyer, a project manager, an administrative person, and an engineer.” In their case, they conducted market research and discovered that in management systems for organizations and communities, both Web3 and Web2, the administration of activities and resources was not linked to the transactional part, necessitating the use of multiple platforms. As Nahuel explains, “Bondly is the first management system where organizations can connect both parts immediately in a single software solution.”



Stimulating Creativity and Experimentation

Web3 hackathons promote creativity by challenging participants to solve problems using decentralized technologies and by experimenting with new tools, frameworks, and blockchain protocols, allowing them to explore and develop disruptive solutions. The absence of restrictions and the posibility to test new concepts without fear of failure fosters a growth mindset and constant innovation.

Additionally, these events provide an opportunity to network with industry experts, mentors, and potential investors, which can open doors to future partnerships and business opportunities. For instance, King Of Devs “Evolution”, a new version of the hackathon developed within the framework of the Modular by Ripio event, allowed us to listen to dozens of top-level speakers and offered projects the chance to pitch to venture capitalists (VCs).



Boosting the Adoption of Web3 Technologies

Hackathons play a crucial role in the adoption of decentralized technologies by encouraging the creation of functional applications and products to solve real-world problems. By providing participants with the opportunity to work on practical blockchain-based projects, the development of solutions that have the potential to change the way we live is accelerated. According to Nahuel, discovering the technology of Cedalio was a big surprise, and we were able to implement it initially, although it’s complex. We won third place in their track, achieving an initial modeling of the idea/concept, leaving a base front-end like a visualizer and a back-end to run certain primary functions.”


Supporting Community and Education

Participating in a Web3 hackathon means finding an inclusive and supportive space for the community. Mentoring participants contributes to their professional and personal growth. Likewise, these spaces are essential for strengthening relationships that often originate in the virtual world, bringing new people closer to technology, and understanding the possibilities of entrepreneurship offered by the ecosystem. 

In Nahuel’s case, “the goal now is to develop the prototype to be used by Web3 communities and organizations and then scale it into a B2B proposal for traditional organizations and companies.” While “there are already validated services and platforms that do this work, they don’t do it in an integrated and simplified way as we propose,” says the entrepreneur.




Hackathons are a powerful tool to foster the growth of Web3 communities by promoting collaboration, creativity, and experimentation. These events not only generate innovative solutions but also promote the adoption of decentralized technologies and serve the general community. By participating in hackathons, technology enthusiasts and professionals can actively contribute, engage in Web3 work, and be part of this transformative change.



We are proud to be part of this evolution. Let’s keep on building together.



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